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Help me Please

My today Job is temporary. I need new Job outside of my country. Here the Job market is too hard and IŽll lose my house, car and furniture.

Here working as an Engineer you will be more poor every day.




Electrical Design Projects: create designs and layouts of lighting, power, data/telecommunications, fire alarm, and emergency systems for new and renovated buildings.  

Design and engineer building electrical power distribution, lighting, security, paging and low-voltage data systems to ensure safe, reliable and energy-efficient operations. Prepare drawings and specifications for the above systems to enable Purchasing to obtain competitive bids for the installation. Project scope is outlined in the form of contract drawings and specifications for each job. These preliminary drawings and specifications outline electrical system concepts, including one-line drawings and a detailed cost estimate describing the electrical components of the job. Within these guidelines, I perform the detailed engineering calculations and determine the layout and configuration of lighting and distribution systems. I select equipment and write detailed electrical specifications for the processes and equipment. A major activity is the collection, organization and evaluation of the information necessary to define the electrical requirements. I must coordinate with Mechanical Engineers and Architects to define the parameters and working restrictions to ensure that there are no interferences between distribution systems. I'm responsible for ensuring that the design work is within the preliminary scope definition, is in line with company standards and complies with all applicable codes.

Correct electrical problems, build panels, rewire run stands, make cords, fix die protection, repair conveyors, repair/replace light fixtures, install/remove buss drops.
Perform daily electrical maintenance.


 Perform short circuit, load, and coordination studies utilizing state-of-the-art software; generate existing conditions reports.

I Develop, plan, coordinate and direct the engineering work for major power plant projects. This includes electrical system analysis (load flow, short circuit & cable ampacity calculations), electrical equipment specification & review of supplier documents, design of one line and metering & relaying diagrams, schematic & connection diagram design, and setting of protective relays. Direct project work assignments, staffing, scheduling and design production. Coordinate the design of assigned systems or projects with involved personnel, construction personnel and client management. I  maintains engineering records, lists and reports as required to ensure compliance with the client's schedule, adherence to the budget, adherence to procurement specifications, and ensures engineering problems are monitored and resolved.

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